next event: October 27&28 2018, at the 23rd Street Armory!

Click here to purchase tables for the Fall Punk Rock Flea Market.

Table sales begin 7/26/2018 at 7PM

Table prices are as follows:

Table $70

Table with Power access $70

Table along wall with Power $75

Table with Space for Clothing Racks $100: 10 foot wide by 6 foot deep spot, with one table and space for 1-2 clothing racks.

10'x10' Booth $135

Personal Table $40 - This is for people selling things from their house: old records, cleaning out their closet, comic books, etc.  This is not for crafters, businesses, or anyone who makes anything. Please do not buy this space if you are a business.

All table spaces include two admissions, two chairs and a 6 foot x 2.5 foot table.  Booth spaces receive a table, only upon request.  If you would like to bring a clothing rack, you must purchase either a tale with space for clothing rack, or a 10x10 booth.

At the ticketing website, you can choose your own table or booth, if you are using a desktop computer, by clicking view seating chart.  If you purchase both days and you want the same spot, please purchase that spot for both days.  You will receive the space that you purchase!




The Punk Rock Flea Market is the place to shop for awesome clothing, records, crafts, art, and most of all old punk junk! 

This year's fall edition is at the 23rd street Armory at

22 S 23rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

This Event is a Project of The Captain's Vintage.